Reiki-III Master Class 
$489.00 + tax
Reiki-I  Teens - Child
$90.00 + tax

Reiki-I Class Adult Price.  $144.00 + tax
Lotus Path Reiki Training Albuquerque, New Mexico
 by Wendy Bodin BS CKP CPH RMT 
 Albuquerque Lotus Path Reiki Class schedule

The 4 Reliances

Rely on the message 
of the teacher, 
not on his personality;
Rely on the meaning, not just on the 
Rely on the real meaning, 
not just the 
provisional one;
Rely on your 
wisdom mind, 
not on your ordinary, judgmental mind.

The Buddha

See Below for 
Comments From Wendy's Students

"Thanks Wendy.  I think of you often. You have been a big part of who I have been becoming..... I know that we all grow continually, but you were/are a part of a big answer and change and direction in my life. You are a good example still and I think of "how would Wendy approach this or that particular thing"..... Just wanted you to know you are dear to me. Peace, Joy, Love." Jolene, Lotus Path Reiki Master

"I thank you so much for your classes and sharing your very great gifts. Blessings to you." Mary, Albuquerque

"Your reiki workshop and the attunement were really wonderful.....It seems I have really just started to focus on my spiritual path and I think reiki is going to be a huge part of it. Emma G, Albuquerque, NM

"Hi Wendy, I am grateful for the class and all the time you lovingly spent with me. I have begun reading through the manual and I really appreciate your providing such and in-depth document to me.  I am sure to be in touch with questions and comments, and to plan a Master Class with you when the timing is right."  Best, Robin, Santa Fe, NM

"thank you so much for the weekend master retreat/workshop!!!!  Again, thanks for everything and have a great blessed day!!!!!!"  J.M. Albuquerque, NM

"Many thanks to you for the Reiki I workshop and all it entailed!  It was a profound experience for me and has reawakened me to some inner callings.  So again, my deepest gratitude to you." A.R. Albuquerque, NM

"Hi Wendy, I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for the wonderful class.  I feel like a whole new life has been opened to me. Please keep me on your distribution lists!  Namaste," Brandy Albuquerque, NM

"The energy medicine (Reiki) course was wonderful! I can’t believe how much I have learned about Spiritual life, and also I am very happy and surprised how my life has changed. Wendy I believe that this wonderful lady Guan Yin is with me because I pronounce her name over and over and I want to know more about her.  Wendy, thank you very much, love Gloria."  Albuquerque, NM

"Hey Wendy:  I loved the class. Please let me know when you set up the 2nd set of classes. ……. I want desperately to take the Reiki II class.  Thank you."  Theresa M, Albuquerque, NM

"Wendy, thank you so much for everything - it's such a wonderful feeling when one knows one is learning from a true master."  Theresa M, Albuquerque, NM

"Thanks again for yesterday's Reiki II workshop! It was great!...I love so much hearing your own personal stories of using Reiki..and all the other information you add...and about everything else you've experienced, that got you to the point you are now...I feel a great understanding ...more so as time goes why we are where we are now."  Cynthia Chavez, Albuquerque, NM

"Wendy, I just can't express how meaningful yesterday's Reiki I class was for me.  I learned to much from you, and really enjoyed our time together!  I am so excited about this new phase/journey of my life.  I really enjoyed working with everyone yesterday as well.  The experience was really wonderful.  I am so excited to learn more from you.  Thanks so much" Chris Robertson, Albuquerque, NM

"Hi Wendy -  I just wanted to thank you so much for your Reiki II class yesterday.  I had such a great time, and learned so much from you as always.  Thank you for helping me on this new journey."  Namaste, Chris Robertson, Albuquerque, NM

"Wendy, Thank you once again, for your decision to conduct the Reiki II class even with a single, but grateful student, for the vast, condensed compendium of knowledge and experience you passed along to me during our time together and the holy experience of the attunement. In addition, you have given me material and direction to keep me busy for a very long time."  Love and Gratitude,  Sue

"Hi Wendy, Thank you, for the wonderful experience of your Reiki I workshop and for your healing."
Namaste, Nicole. Albuquerque, NM

"I have known Wendy for several years now.  I have received both energy healing and kinesiology empowerment sessions from Wendy.  I am amazed at her knowledge of her field.  I have also taken a kinesiology class from her.  She taught in a fun and down-to-earth practical style.  Wendy is one of the most compassionate and insightful healers I have ever experienced."  Diana B., Seattle, Washington
Lotus Path Reiki Classes and Workshops
 by Wendy Bodin, BS CKP CPH RMT Albuquerque, NM  
All material Copyright 2002-2021 by Wendy Bodin

Lotus Path Reiki classes take us on a step-by-step journey into opening up our hearts to positive change and fulfillment of our life purpose. Receive guidance from your spirit guides and new guidance. Develop intuition and enhance your healing abilities. Classes are suitable for any healing practice/modality, for self-healing and family healing. In Reiki II we learn to send healing from a distance to enlighten our world and create positive change both in your life and to those whose lives you touch. Reiki is a spiritual journey and a path to enlightenment. Lotus Path Reiki Workshops include the Vajrayana Buddhist Dharma teachings of Wisdom and Compassion and lessons from Mikao Usui. Wendy Bodin is the founder of Lotus Path Reiki. 

Awaken your natural healing and intuitive gifts with Lotus Path Reiki. Reiki is a heart-centered energy healing method that has its foundation in ancient Buddhist spiritual teachings of divine love and empowerment. Reiki is divinely guided healing energy that you channel through your crown and heart chakras and your hands. Reiki is a means to give healing to others while receiving your own healing at the same time. Reiki heals with the divine healing powers of love, compassion and wisdom. 

Lotus Path Reiki classes include Buddhist background, spiritual healing, mantras, meditations and techniques to further your healing and spiritual paths. When you receive your attunements you will connect with Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion and Medicine Buddha, the Buddha Doctor who sends healing blue light through your healing hands. Reiki is a path to Enlightenment. You are now on your way. 

There is never enough need for spreading love in the world. Did you know Reiki can do that? Reiki is a consciousness raising medium for yourself and for all those whose lives you touch. We can create positive change in the world. Reiki is a wonderful means to do that. If you are ready to start learning or move forward to the next level of Reiki, or want to help create a more positive world, please view the class schedule (next), FAQ's and comments below:

Current classes are listed below: Call Wendy today: 505.503.7276 for more info. This is a land line!
*Lotus Path Reiki is a personal journey on your spiritual path; it is NOT affiliated with any particular religious organization or church. All faiths are welcome. Reiki has no dogma, nor do you need to be a Buddhist or to learn. Reiki is universal in principle and is compatible with all faiths. 
All material Copyright 2002-2020 by Wendy Bodin

Our Lotus Path Reiki Class Schedule for all Levels: is listed below:   
See our Reiki Class FAQ's and student comments listed below.
Wendy Bodin, BS CKP CPH RMT 
Reiki I  Adult  $144.00 plus NM Tax
Reiki III  $489.00 plus NM Tax
     Dr. Mikao Usui                           Dr. Chujiro Hayashi                        Hawayo Takata

The founders of Modern Reiki.  Dr. Usui 'rediscovered' the ancient secrets of Reiki.  Dr. Hayashi developed the first Reiki Clinic in Japan.  Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to the West and here we are!
Wendy Bodin offers a breadth of expertise in the healing arts with practical experience in Vajrayana Buddhism and spiritual healing that is integrated into each class. You will learn how healing really happens, through thought, action and receptivity.
More Testimonials
Map and Directions:
Quan Yin the Bodhisattva of 
Love and Compassion
Medicine Buddha the blue healing Buddha 
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Class Reservations
REIKI Class FAQ's  Frequently Asked Questions from Wendy's Students about Lotus Path Reiki Classes

Q:  Do I need to fast before coming to Reiki class to purify myself?
A:  That is one of those Reiki "myths" that are floating around out there.  Do you really think God differentiates?  It's fine if one wishes to do that, but it really doesn't matter. Basically, just allow yourself to be open-minded and receptive to the energy. Reiki comes from spirit, it is in Divine Oneness, so it does not judge. Reiki will work regardless. Some people may have a hard time receiving the attunements because they mentally block them out. For them, I just take care to do a better job of communicating and in passing the attunements.  

Q:  I noticed that you will schedule classes by request, when or how can we do this?
A:  For a class by request, we need at least 2 or more people for Reiki I or Reiki II so that you can work on each other.  You can either pick some dates with about 1 month's notice, or bring another student(s) to join you. Weekday classes can sometimes be scheduled for your group at your location or mine (most locations with minimum of 3). The Master Classes are a personal journey, so we will coordinate times that will work best for you. Call Wendy for more information:  505.503.7276
Q:  Do you offer Practice Sessions for your students?
A:  Yes, you will have many opportunities to share Reiki with other students and experienced Reiki healers. This is a fun and supportive way to get experience, share Reiki and make new friends. Practice shares are scheduled several times per month and by request.  Fee is donation based. Please call Wendy for more information.  505.503.7276
Q:  How long should I wait before I take Reiki II (after Reiki I)?
A:  The time between Reiki I and Reiki II is really up to you and how fast you adapt to the attunements, how fast you feel the energy and experience the shifts etc. It is best to get sufficient practice with Reiki I before you go on to Reiki II and get to understand it better through experience. Some people who have prior experience in holistic and energetic healing methods usually take to it easily and can move ahead to Reiki II quickly. It's an individual thing, no one is the same. It can be anywhere from weeks, months or years. You'll have a better idea after taking the Reiki I class.

Q:  I took Reiki I from another teacher, can I take Lotus Path Reiki-II from you?
A:  Of course you can. We will cover any essentials you may be missing in Reiki II. In Lotus Path Reiki II, you will gain a greater understanding of what it Reiki really is and how it can empower you.

Q:  How long should I wait before I take the Master Class?
A:  That is something you should meditate on and feel that you are ready. A master class is just that, a path to mastery.  Reiki is a spiritual journey and a quest.  When you feel spirit calling you forth, then give me a call with your questions and I will personally talk it over with you.

Wendy's Reiki classes take us on a step-by-step journey into opening up to our spirit guides, introducing us to new guides and developing intuition as well as enhancing our healing abilities. Classes are for both professional practice and for self-healing or healing friends, family, pets and learning to properly send healing to world and local issues.  Create positive change.
Reiki is a wonderful thing for teens to learn calmness, centeredness and compassion.
 Reiki is a spiritual journey and a path to enlightenment. 
Call Wendy today:  505.503.7276

Reiki I  Teen 18 and Under $90.00
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Luminary Health by Wendy Bodin BS CKP CPH RMT, Albuquerque, NM
Reiki-I Class Deposit    $50.00 + tax
​ Master Class Deposit: 
Master Class Level III
Reiki-II Distance Healing
$50.00 Reiki I or Reiki II Class Deposit (non-refundable but transferable)
Reiki-II Class Deposit    $50.00 + tax
Buy this
Reiki-II Class Adult price   $225.00 + tax
Reiki II  Adult $225.00 plus tax
Reiki-II Class Teen/Child price:  $129.00 + tax
Reiki II Kids Teen  $125.00 plus tax
Reiki-I First Degree 
Master Class Deposit  $100.00
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Contact Us
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11811 Menaul Blvd NE, Suite 2
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505-503-7276 office land line

Five Blocks east of Juan Tabo on the North side of Menaul in Sentry Plaza
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Lotus Path Reiki Classes by Wendy Bodin,BS CKP CPH - Reiki Master Teacher 
Wendy Bodin is the founder of Lotus Path Reiki derived from extensive study and practice of Vajrayana Buddhism and various Reiki traditions.

Reiki-I Lotus Path:  Divine Energy Healing from the Lotus Path of Quan Yin and Usui:
This is the first level class in a series of three levels. Reiki is divinely guided healing energy that you channel through your crown and heart chakras and your hands. Reiki is a means to give healing to others while receiving your own healing at the same time. Reiki heals with the divine healing powers of love, compassion and wisdom. Lotus Path Reiki includes traditional Usui instruction as well as ancient healing secrets from the Asian and Vajrayana roots of Reiki and modern applications. You will receive personalized attunements from Quan Yin, (the Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion). Meet your present guides and the new Reiki guides who will assist you on your new path of healing and compassion. You will learn to channel healing Reiki energy; learn the standard Usui hand positions and intuitive development, Reiki spiritual principles, energy balancing techniques, cleansing, business building and other essential procedures. Course includes workbook, custom attunements, meditations, hands-on practice, feedback, and Reiki I Certification. 12 hours Continuing education credit for NM Massage therapists or other qualifying modalities.

Reiki-II Lotus Path:  Distance Healing with Medicine Buddha and Usui:   Reiki II is the next step in enhancing your healing abilities and your spiritual growth. Open your mind's eye and heart to new levels of understanding. Reiki II pulls it all together. We will learn and practice methods of distance healing, learn Reiki II symbols, visualizations and manifestation techniques. Learn proper uses of distance healing, protection and grounding. Learn Buddhist principles, spiritual instruction, mantras, emotional healing techniques, past-life issue healing and meditations. Practice distance healing on global and local issues for peace and harmony. Bring goals for your career and personal life as we will practice Reiki healing to accomplish our goals. Course includes workbook, personalized attunements, practice, and Reiki II Certification.  Pre-requisite, any Reiki I.  12 hours continuing education credit for NM massage therapists or other qualifiying modalities.

Reiki-III Lotus Path:  Master Class - The calling of your heart      
Master Level Intensive Workshop for those who feel the calling to Mastery. What is Mastery? Follow the calling of your heart, what is your path? Find it through the Lotus Path of Reiki. You will now be able to pass on this healing power to others and increase the love and healing to our planet and for each within it. Workshop includes receiving the personalized Master Reiki Attunements, learning the Reiki III symbols, what they mean and the Buddhist symbols from which they originated. You will activate the higher vibration of the fourth symbol, learn how to pass attunements, learn and practice advanced techniques, selected Vajrayana Buddhist mantras, Empowerments and spiritual healing techniques. Reiki Master workshops are scheduled for a weekend or by appointment. Master workshops may be customized for you or for a group. Call for more information. This is your spiritual path, so the classes are guided for your highest purpose and good. You will receive the Master Workbook and Reiki Master Teacher Certification.  Reiki I and Reiki II manuals are available for purchase in the class. Prerequisite: Reiki II or III with approval. 16 hours continuing education credit for NM massage therapists.

Lotus Path Reiki Class Schedule including Master Class: 

Lotus Path Reiki-I Workshops: Divinely guided spiritual healing. Gain insight and wisdom.
This is the beginning class to awaken your Reiki healing abilities. You will learn with Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion and will learn about the history and applications of Reiki in our lives. We can touch so many with divine love without effort. Reiki is amazing! 12 hours Continuing Education credit for NM Massage Therapists with practice.         
 Please call Wendy if you are interested in taking classes in the near future. I'm starting scheduling now.

           Reiki-I:   Saturday or Sunday TBA, 2021          8:15 AM to 5:30 PM     $144.00 plus tax ($155.34)

            Reiki-I Class price for Teens or Kids ages 7 to 18 for any class above:              $90.00 plus tax ($97.09)
             Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or family member.    

*If two dates are listed, please indicate which date you  are attending. Call Wendy for info. 505.503.7276 or 505-962.2326 cell
Classes can be scheduled by request, pre-payment is required to book the class date. Please note that when you book a class date, 
you are reserving the date and my time for me to teach at your request. It is not refundable. Your payment reserves that date.

Lotus Path Reiki-II:  Second Degree Distance Healing Workshop with the Medicine Buddha.
The second level takes you deeper into your journey. You will learn how to cross the dimensions and send healing from a distance. We will connect with the Medicine Buddha and the healing blue light for deeper healing. You will also learn manifestation techniques that really work to empower yourself and others. Prerequisite: Approved Reiki-I or II certificate.  12 hours Continuing Education credit for NM Massage Therapists (with practice). ​
Saturday TBA 2021            8:30 AM to 5:15 PM                                $225.00 plus tax ($242.72)

Sunday TBA 2021              8:30 AM to 5:15 PM                                 $225.00 plus tax ($242.72)
     Reiki-II pricing for Teens or kids 18 and under:                                     $129.00  plus tax  ($139.16)
        Young children should be accompanied by parent or family member

*If more than one date is listed, please indicate which date you are attending, Please call with any questions.  505.503.7276

Classes can be scheduled by request. If so, pre-payment is required to book the class date. Please note that when you book a class date (other than a regularly scheduled class), you are reserving the date and my time for me to teach at your request. It is not refundable. Your payment reserves that date.

Lotus Path Reiki-III Master Class:   Lotus Path Mastery is a journey into deeper self discovery. What is Mastery?  We will learn how to pass attunements and receive attunements. Be prepared to allow your soul to expand, to find acceptance and love. In this class, we will take an in depth look at spiritual healing from the Vajrayana perspective and insight from many spiritual and Reiki traditions. This is an excellent awakening for those who seek wisdom and insight beyond this dimension and within this one for the highest good. This is a very powerful experience! Please contact Wendy for more information. 

 Pre-Requisite for Third Degree Master class:  Completed Reiki I and II, or III with sufficient study, practice and approval.  Please contact Wendy to discuss your Reiki experience and goals.  16 hours Continuing Education credit for NM Massage Therapists or other qualifying modalities.                                                 
 Reiki-III Master Class:  Sat. and Sun. TBA 2021:   9:00  AM to 5:00 PM   489.00 w/tax (527.51)

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to register for the class. The balance will be due at the time of or prior to the workshop. The deposit or full payment may be transferred to another determined class dates if needed. Credit card payments through Paypal, check or cash is accepted. 

*Master classes can be scheduled by request (other than a regularly scheduled class). Pre-payment in full required to book the agreed upon dates. Please note that when you book a class date, you are reserving the dates and my time for me to teach at your request. It is not refundable. Dates can be scheduled by appointment. Your payment reserves that/those dates. I'll work with you too on the dates with enough advance notice.

Please call Wendy to talk about your Reiki experience before registering for Reiki-III.                                 505-503-7276 office number.  

​"I thank you so much for your Masterclass and sharing your very great gifts. Blessings to you". Mary L.

"Wendy Bodin, was my first Reiki Master, I can definitely say if there was one thing that impacted and changed my life the most it was my Reiki instruction and I am so grateful to my personal Reiki Masters....Wendy and Scott I love you both and thank you ♥ There was no greater gift I have ever received." Rebecca Kassemi, Lotus Path Reiki Master, Colorado
Contact Us
505-503-7276  Office
505-503-7276  Office

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