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Handwoven Wool Rugs
Feng Shui
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Luminary Expressions Decor

Ganado Inspiration #1, Imported
Weave:  Tight durable weave for proper layment, wear and beauty.                       Hand woven 90% Wool, Imported
Colors:  Black, White, Red and Taupe, Cinnamon Brown accent

Note:  All the Taupe colors shown in these photos are the same shade and color, they just look different in each photo. Most of these rugs will color coordinate well with each other.

Feng Shui:   Continutiy, Vision, Planning,  Centeredness, Good Luck, Fortune, Clarity, Good Business
Crystal/Ganado TGH Diamond  Crossover Reproduction #40 
Wool, Imported, not made by Native Americans

Weave:  Tight durable weave for proper layment, wear and beauty. Imported.
Colors:  Black, White, Wine Red. Gray and Taupe. Hand woven wool rug

4 'x 6'  or  6' x 9'

Feng Shui: Luck, Richness, Career, Business, Success, Focus, Clarity, Purity
Burntwater  Diamond Reproduction Rug  #1
Revival of traditional Native weaving. 
Imported, not made by any tribe. 

Colors:  Taupe, cream, black, cinnamon brown, tan, chocolate brown, deep red,
Weave:  Tight, tough, durable weave for proper layment, optimal wear and beauty.
Feng Shui:  Earth tones, Centered Grounding, Family, Marriage, Motherhood, Partnerships and relationships, Warmth and Calmness

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Handwoven Wool Rugs
Feng Shui
House Blessings

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Southwestern Handwoven Wool Rugs 

Custom ordering is available

Call Wendy for information: 
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The rugs on this page were handwoven in India. Most of the patterns were discontinued by the manufacturer.​ Some styles from India can still be pre-ordered in 4x6 and 6x9. 
Call for more info.

View more and different selections of handwoven wool Southwestern and Navajo style rugs at

Please Call Wendy for ordering information.   
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