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Feng Shui is a powerful and yet simple means to create positive change and flow in your home,work or business environments as well as your overall well-being.

Once we create harmony in our home and work environments, we can then allow harmony, peace and love into our lives. By accessing this "Divine Flow" you will not only feel better but will be more prosperous too. It's the perfect answer to create positive change. For businesses, how can you not have a feng shui consultation? It's vital to create the environment that will nurture and grow your business and create happy repeat customers.

Feng shui:  
Creates a peaceful space that is also energizing and supportive, where you like to spend quality time. It creates an environment that enables you to think more clearly and be more productive and creates an atmosphere that promotes cooperation and understanding between family or co-workers. What do you wish to create in your home or work environments?

Are you ready to make some big changes in your life or start a new project? Feng Shui is for you!
    Getting married, remodeling, decorating?
    Writing a book; need motivation and inspiration?  
    Beginning a new relationship?  
    Wish to start a family?
    Buying or selling a home?  
    Building a new home?  

Improve the quality of your environments, relationships and bring in prosperity:
    Clear and heal old energies of past. Restore tranquility, peace and well being.
    Re-vitalize your marriage or partnership
    Discover lay lines and energy obstructions within the structure of the building         
    Heal Financial issues with easy corrections

These are perfect times to utilize feng shui. The results from proper feng shui adjustments are profound and can make incredible positive impact on your bottom line as well as bringing harmony to your marriage!  Put Feng Shui into your building and remodeling plans before you build.

It has been estimated by the EPA, that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. It makes sense that feng shui is a fastly growing means to harmonize and design our interior environments. In the west feng shui has been used mainly by people with a holistic lifestyle. But now in major cities in the US and around the world, feng Shui is being used in planning new office and commercial buildings by many prominent architects and builders.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is translated from the Chinese to mean “wind and water.” It follows the principles of the Tao to create living environments that are in harmony with nature. Feng shui creates balance and harmony in homes, businesses and landscaping. 

The art of Feng Shui has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Its influence can be seen in the many pagodas, buildings and gardens throughout Asia. Today, architects and builders in Asian cities would not consider designing or building commercial structures without first considering the elements of feng shui.  

Asian residential builders also consider the impact of feng shui on the placement and design of the structures. In Taiwan for example, the average family knows enough about feng shui to enable them to make an educated decision regarding their home purchase. They will pass by a house if the feng shui of the location or of the building is not harmonious. It is good business to design and build it right the first time; prosperity will follow for both the seller and the buyer.

In the West people are starting to "get it" and are seeing the results of harmonizing with nature and see how it can improve our lives personally, professionally and financially. My feng shui teacher told me that one of the reasons the United States is so powerful and successful as a country, is because of the good feng shui of the geography. So in a sense in the past, architects and builders in the U.S. did not find it too necessary to apply principles of feng shui (building with harmony in mind) since the geography as a nation has filled in the gaps for them.  But now as population density has increased and property values rise; less options are available for utilizing natural land feng shui. We need to pay much closer attention to applying principles of feng shui in designing our communities and commercial structures. We will all benefit from the resulting harmony. If we all utilized good feng shui to design our cities and homes, we would not experience the levels of crime or poverty we see growing around us now.  The nation as a whole will also experience increased prosperity and harmony as well.

Who can benefit from Feng Shui? Just about everyone!

Any business small or large will benefit by creating an atmosphere that creates inner and outer harmony, so that  so customers can easily find what they seek and return again and again.  And create an atmosphere that employees love to be a part of, and that promotes productivity.  Some industries that will greatly benefit from utilizing Feng Shui are architects, builders, urban planners, interior designers, realtors, hotel designers, restaurant designers, financial institutions, legal firms and corporations who wish to promote a positive public image.

Builders & Architects:
Q:  Are you a builder or architect and need some advice prior to finalizing designs? 
A:  A feng shui consultation will eliminate some costly errors and will facilitate sales.

Q:  Would you like to facilitate a sale for the best outcome of all parties?
A:  Feng shui (and house blessing) is the perfect solution to make some simple corrections to the home to correct and harmonize the energy.  This will allow the perfect buyer to find their perfect home.

Design flaws
Q:  Does your building, apartment, house or business office have physical structural energy  flaws that you cannot structurally correct such as taking down walls or installing new doors?
A:  A feng shui consultation will find affordable remedies to heal and energetically release the obstructions.

Improve Cash Flow and Bottom Line
A:  Feng shui corrections can eliminate obstructions to the flow of monetary energy and open the doors to new business.  Proper placement of furnishings and feng shui corrections are easy starting points.  Some landscaping or outdoor corrections can also remove blockages to prosperity and harmony.

Q:  As a business owner, are you concerned about security (keeping burglars, shoplifters, etc. away) but still wish to have an "open door" for customers and financial prosperity?
A:  Feng Shui is the perfect solution as we can change the energy to deflect what is not wanted and to draw in business that is wanted.


What are the benefits of Blessing Your Home?
"A tower nine stories high starts with a single brick." 

The Tao Te Ching, Book 64
Feng Shui and House Blessings:   
Divine Flow Feng Shui consultations are personalized for you with consideration to those you share your space with. My goal is to harmonize, purify and empower you, your home and business.  Welcome in the divine spiritual energies of peace, harmony, health, and wealth for you and those you share your space and life.  Wendy utilizes intuitive and form school styles of Feng Shui with divine blessings to create the environment perfect for you in which to live and work in harmony. Compassionate Heart Blessings are available to further heal your environment. This is can be performed within the context of a ceremony before or after the feng shui changes have been completed.

Southwestern Feng Shui Rugs and Home Décor:  
Wendy also offers the opportunity to complete your blessing or feng shui with a wide range of high quality rugs and home décor. Each rug or item is blessed upon delivery to enhance the harmony of your home or business. Our furnishings and Blessings are perfect for your home, to capture themes and styles for restaurants, hotels, motels, Bed & Breakfasts, spas and bring in good fortune.

For more info visit:
Feng Shui Consultations, by Wendy Bodin; Let in the Divine Flow 

Residential and Commercial Consultations
Includes a complimentary assessment of site including both indoor and outdoor issues, to determine time needed for the consultation.  

Wendy is an intuitive healer and practices Feng Shui intuitively as well as by the bagua. You will receive a personalized custom Feng Shui assessement that is tested and verified for harmony and optimal results.

Contact Wendy to discuss your feng shui goals and to set an appointment for a  Consultation and/or Blessing.  I normally will bless any areas that need it along with the feng shui as they are not separate issues.

More Information on Consultations with Wendy, Contact Wendy:
 505.503.7276 land     505-962-2326 cell    Email Your Questions Here

Questionnaires for Home & Business  are provided here to get you started thinking about what you need.  

When you are ready to start, let's go over any details regarding your feng shui goals. Please add any other information you find necessary and we will discuss those before we begin the actual consultation. A detailed report of the corrections recommended will be provided during the on-site consultation. For Distance evaluations, we will go over each recommendation after the distance evaluation is completed. I will summarize it for you.

Wendy also offers intuitive distance consultations and House blessings by telephone and email

Call Wendy at 505.503.7276 or 505.962.2326 cell for information
​ Luminary Feng Shui Testimonials

 "Very good morning Wendy, Thank you so much for rushing to meet at the house yesterday. As it turns out it wasn't as much as we had hoped but we did receive an offer on the house. We took it." Kirsten E. Albuquerque, NM  2018   

​"Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for checking in. We're settling in and getting things put away, since all our furniture was delivered finally! Rowan is loving her room and moved her bed to the position you suggested. She's feeling better and more grounded in our new home. Even our youngest is sleeping better and more confident after we moved his bed!" Danielle and Jesse G. Rio Rancho, NM 2018

"Feng Shui was only a word to me before I put my house up for sale in Westlake Village, CA about 14 months ago.  Just before my house was listed, my realtor set up a series of previews. When I happened to be home on a couple of occasions, I was surprised to find that a large proportion of these agents were Asian.  I knew that the population of Asians in Southern California was growing at a rapid pace, but why were they looking at my house so intently? Feng Shui

The day my house was listed for sale, I had three offers. Two of them were from agents representing Asian buyers.  I found out at this point that my house had good Feng Shui.  This was obviously something that I gave no thought to while watching the house being built, nor when I was decorating it.  Go figure?  The morale of this story is that Feng Shui works, even when you don't know you have it." - Rob Curland, Albuquerque, NM - January 18, 2005

"Wendy helped me sell my land in 30 days and a home in Albuquerque that was on the market for too long. She was able to clear the obstructions, find the right remedies and the house sold in 60 days". Richard Idarola, Realtor
What are the benefits of Blessing Your Business?
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Wendy - Thank you for your time your blessings and your suggestions. I have placed crystals in the appropriate areas and even found the bentonite liquid. I continue to feel peaceful and my hand is healing more and more. My husband Mark is feeling less pain in the hernia area also. I feel much better about the feng shui adjustments I have made in our home and now realize that it is truly all about our intention. I hope to utilize your gifts again soon and just wanted to update you on our progress. Namaste'  
Kim Dudley, Phoenix, AZ
On-site Local Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui consult for home or business includes the evaluation plus written or verbal summary. It may also include a blessing to release and heal challenging energies. Total time is one hour.

One Hour $108.00 plus tax.  
HomeLuminary Feng Shui  Albuquerque House Blessing ServicesBusiness Blessing ServicesDistance Energy Healing

Distance Feng Shui Evaluation with Blessing 

Distance Feng Shui consult for home or business includes the distance evaluation plus written or verbal summary. It may also include a blessing to release and heal challenging energies. Total time is one hour..  Additional time will be billed separately. Call for your appointment. 
Pre-payment is required for distance Feng Shui assessments and distance house blessings.

One Hour:  $90.00 tax may apply.
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