Wendy Bodin, BS CKP CPH RMT
Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Feng Shui Consultant
Wendy offers Buddhist blessing services for residences and businesses in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas and Distance Blessings anywhere needed.  
Contact Wendy with your intentions and healing wishes. 

 Local in-person Blessings and Distance Blessing Services 
Are effective and can be booked now. Contact Wendy to discuss your situation and set an appointment
Luminary House Blessing Services 
from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Revitalize your home with Peace, Harmony and Prosperity 
Serving New Mexico and any location with Distance Blessing Consultations by Wendy Bodin, Luminary Holistics, LLC
"Our words are Spirit and they 
are Life, and they do accomplish that where unto they are sent."
- Jesus of Nazareth
Discover what a difference a properly performed House blessing can do for you and your out look on life. Feel refreshed, peaceful and create the correct environment to attract the things you need into your life with a house blessing and/or Feng shui consultation by Wendy Bodin. Create prosperity, harmony, peace, clarity and more through the flow of Divine blessings. Transform your sacred spaces of home and land now with a traditional Vajrayana Buddhist Blessing or one created just for you. In-person consultations at your home in Albuquerque New Mexico areas or book a Distance Blessing consultation to anyone or anywhere you wish to send healing, anytime needed. Wendy also offers distance blessings and traditional Buddhist Blessing ceremonies for business success, harmony and prosperity. Surround yourself with peace, light and clarity.

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Distance Home Blessing 1 hr  $72.00
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Distance Blessings
by Wendy are safe, easy and effective. Blessings can be sent to your home, property, workplace or business anywhere in the US or in the world. Clear and heal discordant energies and bring in energies for harmony, peace and prosperity. Discordant energies will clear immediately.

Please contact Wendy to discuss your situation and to set up an appointment.

What is a House Blessing?

A Blessing is a spiritual healing and purification of an important place in your life; your home your work, your business, your car or any other place you may spend time. The purpose of a Blessing is to bring harmony, clarity, peace, protection and prosperity into the places you spend time.

Selling a Home?  Allow it to find the right buyer. Wendy will heal and transform the energy in and around your home to bring you buyers and a better asking price. Feng Shui adjustments may also be added to your blessing process. Send me your goals and intentions and we'll get started now.
Contact Wendy at 505-962-2326   Distance blessings are just as effective as in-person blessings, and sometimes more effective since we can by pass pre-conceived notions of doubt or interference.  Payment information through Pay Pal for consultations.

How does a Blessing differ from a Space Clearing?

Blessings are usually thought of as being performed under the guidance of a Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Lama or Monk, but not limited to those fields. The Blessing procedures will vary from one practitioner to another. A true Blessing is more encompassing and compassionate in nature than a "Space Clearing" alone.

Space Clearings are performed in many ways by many types of spiritual practitioners and are sometimes referred to as Blessings. The term "Space Clearing" infers that we are primarily removing something undesirable from the space. However I have found on numerous occasions of homes that have been "cleared" that the problem or entity in spirit will return again when it feels safe to do so. It does not imply adding compassion or "Healing" to the space.  

A True Blessing is more encompassing, more powerful and will have longer, lasting results if the space and its energies are treated with compassion and healing for those energies. Compassion is a basic Buddhist principle. All energy is living energy and part of God's world. Therefore, it is necessary to treat all living things with respect and compassion to create an environment of cooperation and harmony.  Harmony is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang and Heaven and Earth; that is our goal.
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Content on this website is copyrighted 2002-2024 Wendy Bodin. Luminary Health and Luminary Expressions are divisions of Luminary Holistics, LLC
Benefits of a House or Business Blessing:
A properly performed blessing will compassionately dispel and heal the energies that create stress, disharmony, or make one feel not-at-ease in their own home or workplace. Blessings will freshen and revitalize your home and business. We will welcome in fresh and pure energies that will allow you to feel better and think more clearly. Harmony and increased prosperity will follow, as the obstructions are removed and healed. Good karma and good luck will follow.

Residual Energy:
Some energies are still in a home from previous residents. Those energies left behind could be from depression, anger, grief, ill health and so on. They can impact the people who move into the home.  The energy of the home may be low, dull or perhaps may incite outbreaks of anger for example.  Sometimes people don't understand why they are feeling this way, but know something is wrong.

Even a newly built home that has never been lived in can have discordant energies from the history of land, prior structures, the neighborhood, the builders, the realtors and even from prior political disputes over land use issues etc. The design of the house itself may have some physical energy blockage issues that cause discordant energy to linger and should be corrected too.

On what occasions should a house be blessed?
Blessings can be done anytime for any reason. A home is a place in which we should feel comfortable, safe, protected, and welcome. We want a home in which we can relax, a home that is refreshing; a home where we can feel clear and be in harmony with others. The goal is to ensure that the flow of energy within the home is harmonious and will benefit the people (and pets) who live there. What could be better than that?  Blessing a home, office or any facility used for a gathering of people can prevent disharmony and make things flow in a more positive direction for all.

When a Blessing would be beneficial:
  • Selling Your Home:  Blessing the home at the time you list it for sale and prior to open houses. This will clear and correct energies that may deter a buyer and will instead resonate an inviting and welcoming energy to the prospective buyer. Properly blessed homes sell quicker and with a higher asking price. Distance Blessings work just as well as in person blessings. Call Wendy to set up a home sales blessing plan for you.  505-503-7276
  • Moving In:  Moving into a new residence, house, apartment or workspace.
  • Buying a Foreclosed Home:  Heal, repair, transform energy into your new home or business. Bring peace, harmony, prosperity.
  • Gatherings:  Blessing the home prior to housewarming parties or other social gatherings.
  • Remodeling: Blessing a new room addition or remodeling project. Bless it before you start the project and bless it upon completion to integrate it into the home.
  • Baby:  To harmoniously welcome the arrival of a new baby or adopted child.
  • Guest:  To harmoniously welcome the arrival of a guest. (no need for mother-in-law jokes).
  • Disharmony:  Blessings should be done anytime there is disharmony in the home. Blessings should be done anytime there is disharmony in the neighborhood.
  • Finances:  Blessings should be done anytime one is having financial difficulties. Blessing will remove obstacles to prosperity and allow the flow of money energies.
  • Weddings:  Blessings can be done at other locations such as blessing the reception hall before the guests arrive.
  • Moving Out:  Moving out of a residence to give thanks, clear attachments, to find completion and begin anew.

What is the difference between a Blessing and a Feng Shui Consultation?

A Blessing focuses primarily on healing the spiritual energy of the home, land or business.  It is performed within a ceremony that you can participate in. A blessing can be performed as many times as it is needed.  It is also suitable for temporary facilities that you may use or rent for a reception or other social event.  

Feng Shui Consultations primarily address physical changes and corrections for your home, land or business that will promote better energy flow within and throughout. Feng Shui corrections are more permanent in nature; however some things should be adjusted with the changing of the seasons. Some feng shui consultants will add blessings to their consultations if desired.  

What is the difference between a "Distance Blessing" and an "In person on-site" Blessing?

Distance blessing is performed from across town, across county, or across oceans/continents anywhere. A distance blessing is very effective to clear energies that a resident maybe fearful of such as to release a spiritual attachment (such as a ghost) or conflicting human agendas by one or another who is also living/working there etc. It is a means to heal disputes between individuals in a safe, gentle and divinely guided manner that maybe hard to accomplish any other way. Performed by an unbiased person from a distance, a distance blessing can promote harmony and heal disputes gently behind the scenes so to speak. An on-site blessing is done at the home or business with active participation of the residents. It is done in a formal ritual. When I perform on-site blessings, I usually perform a traditional Vajrayana Buddhist ceremony that takes 1 to 2 hours. This is very effective and fun for the family members or business partners to participate in.

Blessings - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   A friend suggested that I smudge my house myself to bless it. How effective is this?

A:  You can try smudging if you like. The main thing is that you put your intent into it so that the stale or discordant energies are cleared. It is usually harder to clear our own stuff out of our own homes, as we are in them and involved in the energy being there. That is where the smudge comes in, to put a barrier between us and our own energy! But then you are left with smoke. When a blessing is done in a group setting, then the group (together) can change the energy more easily.  It can also easily be cleared and healed with a distance blessing.

Q:  How often should my home be blessed?

A:  Your home should be blessed as often as it is needed. If you live in an urban neighborhood where there are late night activities and noise, then it will need regular blessings. These energies can filter back through over time.

If your work or travel puts you in daily contact with large crowds and/or people who have discordant energies, then you can bring some of those energies back home with you. Some examples of places that you can pick up discordant energies are hospitals, clinics, public transportation, taverns, bars, conventions, hotels & motels, theatres, festivals, sports arenas etc.  

If you feel discordant energy at home, then it is time to bless again.  
If things are not going well for you, then it is time to bless again.
If you are feeling depressed, or angry, then it is time to bless again.

Q:  Can you perform a blessing of my entire apartment building?  There are several disruptive neighbors who fight late at night and create an uneasy atmosphere here.

A:  When I personally arrive to bless an apartment, it is your apartment (your personal space) that we bless with you in mind. We will be working with your spiritual guidance within the framework of your karma, path and goals. Your neighbors have a different path and karma. That doesn't mean they won't be affected by the work we do; they will, but they will respond differently to it than you will. A different type of blessing or prayer/meditation can be performed anytime to send general healing to the entire building, and to the neighborhood too. This can be done by prayer daily. You may wish to ask other neighbors to join in this prayer to increase its power. 

Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Love, Compassion and wisdom. Wendy connects with Quan Yin in her spiritual healing.
For More Information about Blessings and to schedule your appointment:

Call Wendy in Albuquerque, NM (Mountain Time)  505.962.2326 

Email Wendy Here

       Namaste and Be at Peace, Wendy
Wendy - Thank you for your time your blessings and your suggestions. I have placed crystals in the appropriate areas and even found the bentonite liquid. I continue to feel peaceful and my hand is healing more and more. My husband Mark is feeling less pain in the hernia area also. I feel much better about the feng shui adjustments I have made in our home and now realize that it is truly all about our intention. I hope to utilize your gifts again soon and just wanted to update you on our progress. Namaste'  
Kim Dudley, Phoenix, AZ

In Person
Home Visit  

House Blessing 
by Wendy Bodin

 One Hour Visit:  
$135.00 plus tax

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Distance Home Blessings 

Include blessing service plus written or verbal summary totaling one hour. Additional time billed separately. Call Wendy to discuss your situation and goals and make your appointment with Wendy today.
All spiritual traditions are welcome.

Pre-payment is required for all house or business blessings

One Hour Distance Session  $99.00
On site House Blessing One Hour  $108.00 (plus tax)
"If we are peaceful and happy, 
we can blossom like a flower, 
and everyone in our family, 
our entire society, 
will benefit from our peace."
-Thich Nhat Hanh
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Contact Us
Contact Us
I wanted to thank you for coming to our home. An update of what has happened since your cleansing/blessing is that I am no longer in any pain. I had not told you about my issues while you were in our home, but noticed after your blessing I was left pain free in my neck and shoulder. I have had this pain for many, many months and could not find any relief or sleep. After the blessing my health and outlook have improved 100%. Our house has such a light bright feel and there are no oppressive feelings. Again, thank you so much and please feel free to use us as a reference. 
Sincerely, Francie J Latham of Bernalillo, NM. Dec. 2019