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Holistic Behavior and Stress Therapy for Companion Animals

by Wendy Bodin

Are your pet(s) showing signs of stress and exhibiting behavior problems such 
as anxiety, eating problems, excessive barking, acting out etc.?  Are your pets afraid 
thunder, lightening or fireworks?

Do you have a horse that is road shy, bites or exhibits fear based behaviors?

Wendy is an experienced Wellness Kinesiologist who offers a very quick and effective
 means to restore harmony and balance for your pets, horses, your family and your home 
environment. They will be much  happier and so will you!  Our pets take on the stresses 
and issues that are present at home, but don’t have the means to properly release
 these stresses.  Many are still carrying issues with them from past traumas of their youth. 

I have a natural ability to communicate with animals and engender their trust.  With my intuition and trained Kinesiology skills I select therapies for your pets that are best for them at each stage of healing whatever the issue. 

The remedies are safe, gentle and will not interfere with other treatment plans.  You will notice a difference right away. We will continue to work with the animal until the imbalances are cleared and resolved.

We recognize animals as soul beings, with feelings and experiences, who deserve our compassion and care.  Allow them to receive this gift, and you will be happier too.
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Distance Healing Consultations
For information on consultations please contact Wendy at 
505.962.2326       Email Questions Here
For Your Horse: Emotional Support and Behavior Therapy
Horses experience stresses of life just as we do. Some horses have lived with several different owners and still hold traumas from prior abuse, neglect or are suffering from a loss.  

If you have a horse or horses that are exhibiting behavior problems then I can help them and you. 
Need to better prepare a horse for show training?

Some of the issues we can work together towards:

This therapy is provided with love in best in interest of your animal(s).  We recognize them as soul beings with the right to be happy and secure at all times.

With this therapy, you may see results very quickly, but be advised with natural remedies, true healing of core issues, whether for body, mind or spirit takes time. Please give your beloved animals the time needed for their optimal well-being, and you will feel better too.

Call for appointment information. I will provide instructions for you to carry out therapy over time.  We will monitor each step of progess.  
For information on consultations please contact Wendy at    
505.962.2326   Email Questions Here
Flower Essence Therapy
Wendy, Recently you treated a horse we just bought with the flower essence therapy.  I noticed a difference in his attitude in 3 days!  He's running around the pasture where he's boarded, feeling his oats with the mares, and responding a lot better under the saddle.  I had originally contacted you because when we bought him, he was so depressed.  You felt he was suffering from a broken heart and refused to move for anyone.  This was so true.  Now he moves when asked and just seems happier all around.  My daughter and her friend rode him last week and they were riding together, singing and giggling.  He let out a little happy buck, (only about 6 inches off the ground).  We're so happy he's happy. I'll see you next week. Thank you a million!.  Theresa, Corrales, NM
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Wendy Bodin CKT CPH
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Luminary HealthAbout WendyKinesiologyHolistic Life CoachingWeight Loss
Reiki TreatmentsReiki Training New MexicoDistance ConsultationsHouse BlessingsFeng Shui

Pets and horses share their lives with you. They love you and they live, work and breathe for you. Give them the love and attention they deserve for their happiness, health and well-being. Wendy Bodin, BS CPH, CKT is an Intuitive Healer with a gift for communicating with animals. She offers consultations for companion animals and horses to correct emotionally based behavior issues, health and works in conjunction with trainers for performance and show animals for better show results. Read below for more information. Wendy makes house and stable calls or pet appointments at her office.
"Wendy, Ohh! Doobie's (cat) doing better..thank you!  His ear seems to be better....he's also going out more and it's so exciting to see that.  He actually runs to the door when I come home so he can go out and lounge in the patio.  That's something I never would have imagined, so it makes me happy he's becoming more adventurous!! I hope he'll continue to become more confident about himself." Cynthia C, Albuquerque, NM
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