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"During the past five to six years I have seen several different health practitioners from both mainstream Western medical practice and alternative medicine, trying to address a number of different health problems and challenges that I have been experiencing.  I have seen Western medical doctors, physical therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncturists among others and have never had much success or satisfaction with anyone until finding Wendy.  Wendy was able to get to the core causes of the health problems I have been facing and draw upon a very comprehensive and diverse healing knowledge and background to develop the healing approach that was perfect for me.  I have seen more results in three months of Wendy’s help than the past six years with all other health professionals.  After spending a lot of money and experiencing extreme frustration at not seeing any results with other health professionals, I am finally seeing results due to Wendy’s ability to accurately evaluate my health issues.  I am extremely grateful to have found Wendy and have benefited greatly from her wisdom and skill as a healer.
Combined with her skill as a healer is tremendous compassion and attention to the individual.  My experience with many other health professionals, particularly in more mainstream Western medical practices, has felt very impersonal.  With Wendy I have always felt a respect for who I am as an individual.  She gives of her time and skills as a healer selflessly and it is apparent that she is passionate about the healing work that she is doing.  I have a tremendous amount of trust in her abilities and appreciation for the integrity that she exhibits in her business.  I recommend her highly to anyone that truly desires to heal and see results in their life."    Diane R.  Seattle, WA

At this point, I would like to give thanks to all the wonderful clients who have allowed me to help them on their path to health and well-being. They have taught me as much as I have taught them. I wouldn't be able to continue my work without all of you!  Blessings to all of you.  Here are a few quotes to peruse.  In light, Wendy
"Though I have only received the blessing of Wendy's healing services for a single year, I have moved forward with tremendous success on my healing path.  My health challenge has simply been fatigue.  After quite a few years of researching ways to heal my low energy levels, including avenues in western medicine, finding no relief or lasting success, i would almost always return to my past habit of using the artificial energy of caffeine that would further defeat my success in healing this fatigue syndrome.  Then I was guided to Wendy Bodin.  After my very first evaluation and healing session with Wendy, within three weeks I truly began feeling improvements in my energy levels.  

In that first session, and all my following sessions with Wendy, I have always felt comfortable and cared for in her presence with her character and compassion.  Wendy's focused intuitive skills coupled with her practiced and experienced kinesiology testing abilities, have gone deeper and deeper into my body's innate wisdom to heal itself.  Through my body's and Wendy's wisdom, using herbs, nutrition, and flower essences, i have been, and continue to experience improvements in my energy levels, to where I now feel rested when arising in the morning, and I do not even think about caffeine anymore!

Through Wendy's skills and knowledge, and above all else, her ability to educate me in how to heal myself, I am well into the recovery of my energy and self-empowerment.  I recently moved several states away from Wendy and her practice.  I don't believe I would have been able to make this transition with my wife to our desired location without Wendy’s help.  Away from Wendy now, with what I've learned from her about self-care, my improvements continue.  I'm practicing what I've learned, notably;  better nutrition,  self-empowerment to exercise,  self-empowering affirmations,  enthusiasm (what  enthusiasm I already had, enhanced by Wendy's positive perspective), and continuing to use flower essences.  I'm still experiencing climbing energy levels over here in Arizona, Wendy Bodin!  Thank you very much!   Sincerely & Gratefully",  sammie L.

"I have known Wendy for several years now.  I have received both energy healing and kinesiology empowerment sessions from Wendy.  I am amazed at her knowledge of her field.  I have also taken a kinesiology class from her.  She taught in a fun and down-to-earth practical style.  Wendy is one of the most compassionate and insightful healers I have ever experienced." - Diana B., Seattle, WA
"Wendy Bodin is a talented health practitioner with excellent credentials.  She continually expands her knowledge of healing modalities that do not rely on allopathic medicine, and she shares that knowledge generously with others.  Her work is based on a deep care and concern for helping others achieve optimum health in all areas of their lives.  Her concern envelopes each person whith whom she works, each person she comes in contact, and ultimately the entire planet.  Wendy's experience, professionalism, and commitment will bring her success in any endeavor that she undertakes."  - Mariane Streich, Seattle, WA
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"Wendy, I thought it was a truly great session today. We had such an instant rapport. It was also a good thing for me to witness my own inner strength and positive nature. Just knowing that "I am strong" has kept the wolves at bay all day.  And I haven't even tried the flower essences or affirmations yet!!!  I hope I can remember how to do clearing. Oh, that's right, you wrote it all down. Thank you!"     Sandra H, Seattle, WA

"Dear Wendy, After two days of taking the flower essences, everything suddenly fell into place with my housemate. I just felt quite normal and relaxed talking with her. It was a feeling of groundedness. I was thus able to leave behind all the head-stuff and worry-stuff. After the work we did with affirmations, something made me want to zero in on setting goals. Last night I wrote down two goals, one personal and one professional. As soon as I put it into writing, I felt energized. Now I had a definite goal to work towards!  Thank you!  I know this will be very powerful for me."   Sandra H. Seattle, WA

“Dear Wendy:  Just a quick note to let you know how glad I am that coincidence brought me into your office that day.  You are a gifted healer with great evaluation skills and extensive knowledge of herbal, preventative and alternative remedies, including neuro-liguistic programming/empowerment counseling.  You helped me improve my digestion, sleep, hormonal balance and weight, while eliminating viral, bacterial and candida infections.  I was a health crisis waiting to happen. Please sign me up for your class Sunday.“ Heather L., Seattle, WA
“Six months ago I was feeling tired, my belly was swollen and was I was having a lot of headaches.  Neither aspirin nor doctors were able to help me.  I was so lucky to have found Wendy.  She started me with a detoxification cleanse.  In a few weeks I lost the headaches, my belly was no longer swollen, and I gained more energy.  Then a dear family member passed and she helped me release the grief and make peace with the loss.  She is a very compassionate woman. Every time I go to Wendy’s office, I feel that there is a lot of good energy; a kind of feeling that makes me happy like I am floating in heaven.  Wendy is a very generous and honest person.  I feel very happy to have found such a lovely and helpful person.” B.P., Seattle, WA
Many thanks for taking such good care of me – from the inside out!  And thanks for sitting by me.  It touches me deeply and is an important part of my healing.  I feel you’ve played a pivotal role in my improving health.  A river of thanks and blessings”.  Joan K.,  Seattle, WA
Wendy, I wanted you to know that the Chinese herbs are WONDERFUL!!  I'm responding well and quickly as you said.  On the second day my skin quit itching, and I quit scratching.  My skin is healing.  I also have more energy and am clear headed.  This is nice.  When are you available next week??   Namaste, Barb, Issaquah, Washington
“I just wanted to tell you how much better I feel since you got me started with the herbs. This is the first time I have dealt with my health condition without prescription drugs.  I feel better than I have in more than two years. I am also more optimistic about my future because I feel my body is back in my control. The energy work you did with me on stress has been tremendous. It has made a huge difference in how I feel. I can actually calm myself down. Great stuff.” 
Victoria H., 
Seattle, WA
“I'm so glad that I came to see you, my stomach problems have been feeling much better. The first few days I didn't notice much but now I notice that I don't have the upset stomach like I was having.  I have been sleeping better too, not up four and five times like I was”.  J. R., Everett, WA
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My ribs were fractured from a fall, but I went on with my normal activities. I was having a hard time breathing. When  Wendy noticed my pain and discomfort, she asked me to sit down and then used Pranic Healing and Reiki energy healing on me. Within two weeks I felt completely better. The pain is gone; I can breathe normally and it no longer hurts!"    --  Pam Ketner, Albuquerque, NM
”I want to express my thanks and delight in meeting with Wendy last week for a personal health and weight loss consultation.  I came to Wendy with hopes for some insights into a weight gain and joint pain problems and found in her a multidimensional healer with exceptional grace and skills. Wendy went immediately to the body issues I was experiencing in ways that healed my spirit, my mind and my physical body.  Within 24 hours of seeing Wendy, I began to remember my deep personal life vision and dream, experienced a dramatic reduction in anxiety and sadness and felt connected to my spirit.  I feel lucky and blessed to have found Wendy, and look forward to my next session with her.”
P. Johnston, Albuquerque, NM

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Luminary HealthAbout WendyKinesiologyHolistic Life CoachingWeight Loss
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Wendy, Thank you for comforting me...I was in a great deal of emotional pain and you stayed on the phone with me and called to check on me...I felt less alone...I am very tired this week...maybe finally just seeing/feeling the stress of the that the tension of it is released.  Blessings to you,  Victoria, Everett, WA
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