The Divine Power Shift 
by Wendy Bodin,  BS CKP CPH RMT, Albuquerque, NM   c2008 - 2019
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Connect with Your Divinity. A new positive vibrational energy matrix is in the process of transforming our world now. 

I call it "The Divine Power Shift.Can you feel it?  
It is occurring now globally and spiritually. It is pulling us towards higher levels of consciousness, functioning  and purpose here on earth. This new level of consciousness brings with it new realities for prosperity, harmony and well-being. The shift is happening NOW.  It is very important for us to make our alignments with this energy  in order to move forward in these rapidly changing times. This shift is global, it is divine and is affecting everyone today. It is in our atmosphere and is evolving daily. Don't get left behind. Catch the new wave! Connect to this energy now.

Our world is changing rapidly. Changes are being felt with regards to the economy, politics, stock market, real estate, technology, agriculture, weather, geo-physical levels and earth magnetics. Old ways of doing things appear to not be working well any more.  It is, as if the wheels of motion have stopped and are slowly engaging  into a new direction. 
Many people have expressed that they have been feeling out-of-sorts lately, anxious about the news, feeling stuck  or going through a transition that is urging them into seeking new directions, ideas, thoughts and perceptions. 

Prosperity in the New Wave of Consciousness:
New visions, new ways of looking at how things are done, new economics and peaceful resolutions are all in the process of forming. Now is the time to connect our own vibrations to the new vibrational waves of peace, prosperity and higher consciousness. New things are coming both in the physical and spiritual worlds.

This shift is happening now and we must raise our vibrations to be in alignment with this new vibration. On a practical, day to day level, it means catching the new wave of prosperity, well-being and contentment. On a spiritual level, it means having a deeper connection to spirit as we move closer towards them in their dimension.

Something Good is Coming
Change is good. Do you feel that something new and good is coming for you, but can't seem to get a handle on it?  What is next?  
Ask yourself:

Awaken to Your Power, it is Within You.  . 
 Let go of  turning your power over to people, concepts or structures that limit you, or hold you back. Now is your time to create your new reality by awakening to your own divine source.

Are you ready to move forward into prosperity?
I am offering Power Shift  therapeutic treatments that include energetic DNA Activations to awaken and reconnect  you to higher vibrational energies and your spiritual guidance. Plus personalized Coaching Consulations to help you focus on your new goals.  Please give Wendy a call at 505.503.7276 in Albuquerque, to schedule your appointment. Click on the pay pal button today for your personalized Divine Awakening/Connection Treatment(s). Follow it up with a personalized Coaching session to focus on how to manifest what you need to succeed in the new matrix. Telephone distance consultations are also available. Feel the oneness and be prepared to meet your angels and get to know Your Divinity.  Make the connection.  

Thank you and may you be blessed with abundant joy, peace and prosperity, 
See you soon to for your activation and connection to the new vibration. See below for treatments and consultation information. Make your appointment today. 
In gratitude and sending unlimited blessings, 
Wendy Bodin
Long Distance Powershift Consultations 

Call Wendy for more information and appointments. 
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"Today is the beginning of my new life, I am at peace and at one with everything" 
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