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Reiki Energy Healing Classes, Click here for class Schedule 

Luminary Health Institute
Healing Arts Classes & Workshops in Albuquerque
Luminary Health Institute offers Healing Arts Classes in:

Self Healing
Reiki Instruction, all Three Levels
Motivational Training
      Mahayana Buddhist Chanting and Meditation

In Albuquerque or locations in New Mexico & Southwest region by request. Classes are taught by Wendy Bodin, BS CKT CPH CKP
"The gift of Truth (dharma) 
excels all other gifts; 
the flavor of Truth excels 
all other flavors;
the delight in Truth 
surpasses all delights.
The destruction of craving 
overcomes all suffering."
from the Dhammapada, verse 354

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The 4 Reliances

Rely on the message 
of the teacher, 
not on his personality;
Rely on the meaning, not just on the 
Rely on the real meaning, 
not just the 
provisional one;
Rely on your 
wisdom mind, 
not on your ordinary, judgmental mind.

The Buddha

What is Reiki?
Kinesiology Classes:

Self Healing:
Personal Health Empowerment - Accurate Self-Testing:   Wendy Bodin
This course is introductory and is a pre-requisite for all other Kinesiology classes offered through Luminary Health Institute.

Learn a simple technique from the field of Kinesiology to discover what you and your body needs on a daily basis for Body, Mind and Spirit.  We will discover how to listen to and access your own body wisdom to find answers for many health, environmental, dietary and preventative questions.

Your body wisdom is the system within your body that lets you know what it needs to assist it nutritionally, therapeutically and emotionally daily.  You have within you the power to heal yourself, but how do you know how to communicate with that power?  The energy field surrounding your body is talking to you daily.  Would you like to know how much Vitamin C your body would like today?  Which supplements should I take today? Would you like to learn how to test water or food etc. for bacteria or contamination?  My goal is to teach you some simple, easy techniques from the field of kinesiology that you can do on your own to get started improving your health and well-being daily. 

We will learn some self-healing therapies from Traditional Chinese Medicine and apply the self-testing to what we have learned. We will cover the many applications, the variables involved, and how to get accurate readings that will benefit you in countless ways.  This course will get you started on the road to self-discovery and empowerment.

Personal Health Empowerment - Accurate Self-Testing:                           Wendy Bodin
This is a first level Kinesiology class.  Classes can be scheduled by your request.  
Date:    TBA       

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What is Kinesiology?
"I have known Wendy for several years now.  I have received both energy healing and kinesiology empowerment sessions from Wendy.  I am amazed at her knowledge of her field.  I have also taken a kinesiology class from her.  She taught in a fun and down-to-earth practical style.  Wendy is one of the most compassionate and insightful healers I have ever experienced." 
Diana B., Seattle, Washington
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Reiki is a heart-centered energy healing method that has its foundation in ancient Buddhist spiritual teachings. When you receive your attunement you will connect with Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion.

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Student Comments

Hi Wendy, I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for the wonderful class.  I feel like a whole new life has been opened to me. Please keep me on your distribution lists!  Namaste, Brandy Albuquerque, NM

The Energy Medicine course was wonderful! I can’t believe how much I have learned about Spiritual life, and also I am very happy and surprised how my life has changed. Wendy I believe that this wonderful lady Guan Yin is with me because I pronounce her name over and over and I want to know more about her.  Wendy, thank you very much, love Gloria.  Albuquerque, NM

Hey Wendy:  I loved the class. Please let me know when you set up the 2nd set of classes. ……. I want desperately to take the Reiki II class.  Thank you.  Theresa M, Albuquerque, NM

What is Energy Healing?
Color Therapy with Kinesiology         Wendy Bodin
Kinesiology Course with color therapy principles from Ayurveda, Chinese and Modern discoveries.
Part 1Dates & Time TBA or scheduled for your group
Part 2Dates & Time TBA or scheduled for your group
Wendy Bodin BS CKT CPH
Motivational Training

Wendy offers Motivational Empowerment Group Training workshops for work groups to create optimal Team Building. This is an easy, fun way to focus on goals and find the best way to accomplish them.  Great for any group with common goals such as small business owners, sales teams, people with common health and spiritual goals, such as weight loss, and more.  New topics will be addressed each session.  Groups and choose topics according to their needs and goals. 

Empowerment Groups offer these benefits: 

 - Learn some new and very effective ways to change patterns that may not be working for you.
 - Learn how to easily and quickly replace them with something best suited to you.
 - Enhance personal growth through encouragement, affirmation, and accountability 
 - Give and receive support--you are not alone in your situations
 - Create a giving and receiving dynamic in a fun and safe environment.

Groups:   minimum 5 people:    $60.00 per person
     6-10 people:$50.00 per person
     11+ people   rate depends on facility where held.

Empowerment Groups are facilitated by Wendy Bodin, CKT CHP

Please contact Wendy for More Information:
(505) 962-2326 or  Email Questions Here

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Luminary HealthAbout WendyKinesiologyHolistic Life CoachingWeight Loss
Reiki TreatmentsReiki Training New MexicoDistance ConsultationsHouse BlessingsFeng Shui