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Home Feng Shui Questionnaire
Take a few minutes to evaluate the environment in which you live.  
Can you feel the impact that your home environment has on the other aspects of your life and relationships?

Does your home ever feel uncomfortable to you?

Is there a certain room that you prefer to spend time in?

Is there (are there) a room or rooms that you do not like to spend time in?

What are the types of activies you would like to have happen in this room(s)?

What is the mood or atmosphere you would like to create in this room(s)?

How comfortable and relaxing is the room you sleep in?

Is your financial situation not what you would like it to be?

Would you like to improve the flow of wealth into your home and life?

Would you like to increase the flow of harmony into your home?

What are your short term goals for major areas in your life?

What are your long term goals?

How does your home environment reflect those goals?
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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is of course the bed!  You spend nearly one third of your life in bed, therefore now is time to consider the feng shui of the bed.  This is the place where your body regenerates, heals and restores inner harmony.  Here is where you dream and where you actualise your conscious dreams into reality. 

A bed should be strong, sturdy and provide the support you need to resolve the issues you face each day as well as to support your spiritual path in life.  If support is lacking elsewhere in your life, then it is crucial to have clear support from your bed!

The placement of the bed is just as important as the bed itself.  What feels right to you?
Is there a door that opens into the bed, cutting it like a knife?  This door will direct moving energy right into your bed disrupting sleep.  How can you rearrange the room to provide a better flow of energy?  The decor of this room should be calm and pleasant; warm and comforting. When the decor and arrangements are correct, you should feel the inner wealth the environment provides.  This feeling of wealth and comfort will further foster wealth and comfort in the other facets of your life and work.

Feng Shui Tips for the Kitchen
Business Feng Shui Questionnaire
"Tackle difficulties
by focusing on what is easy in them.
Achieve greatness
by attending to small details."
The Tao Te Ching, 
Book 63
The kitchen is often the center of the house; the place where people are usually the most comfortable gathering.  In traditional chinese feng shui, it is considered to be the place where health, livelihood and harmony is manifested in the home.  Abundance of food, the sharing of food with family and friends plus the warmth of the hearth have long been symbols of wealth, comfort and hospitality.  When we are gainfully employed or our business is prospering, we have plenty to eat and share.  

With Feng Shui we want to foster and maintain this manifestation of good livelihood, abundance, warmth and harmony in the Kitchen.  

Bright colors to accent the kitchen will increase and stabilize livelihood and abundance.  Good colors are red, jade and white in proper combinations.  Red represents the fire of the hearth, or today it is the stove.  Red energy is very yang. You will also need some yin energy to balance the strong yang energy of red.

The kitchen should be clean and free of clutter.  This is where you store and prepare food. It is very important to have clean, healthy chi energy here.  You don't want your food to collect impure energy from the surroundings.  The energy in the food that you consume will inevitably affect your health for either good or not so good depending on the feng shui of your kitchen.
Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom
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