Intuitive Readings with the Tarot and Insight from your Inner Truth and Divine Guidance
by Wendy BodinAlbuquerque, NM  
Wendy Bodin, CKT CKP CPH 
Intuitive and Spiritual Healer
Holistic Life Coach
Holistic Health Consultant
 Certified Kinesionics Practitioner
Certified Wellness Kinesiologist 
Certified Herbalist 
Energy Therapist
Feng Shui Consultant
Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Universal Life Minister  
"Once we've developed a relationship with our own inner teacher and guide, we have access to an unerring source of clarity, wisdom, and direction, right inside of us at all times!" 
 - Shakti Gawain

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For more in-depth work, healing trauma and overcoming obstacles and more, take care of yourself with personalized Consultations.
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by Wendy Bodin, CKP CKT CPH

We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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30 Minute Telephone Reading $38.00

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Intuitive Readings and Psychic Inquiry. Get insight and find positive options with readings that are in accord with your own higher wisdom and inner truth. We look at positive channels for change and development of your path and purpose that harmonize with your goals and desires. Readings include guidance on life issues, career, business, love, relationships, health and more. Open a view for you to see  more clearly as well as to find blockages that may be holding you back from achieving happiness, success, love, prosperity, harmony etc.

How can we do this with the aid of the Tarot? The Tarot is a spring board that brings you in touch with common human experiences through a collection of universal archetypes. As we make a connection through the cards, we tap into your own conciousness and find the patterns where you are going and where you can go. 

I am here as your guide for discovering options that are in harmony with your highest good. Only you can decide what step(s) you take next. There is no one way, nothing is pre-ordained unless you think so or make it so. We do create our own reality. However, we do have options in life. With an intuitive reading, we can see patterns that are emerging and look at how they make you feel. What do you wish for in your life? 

Psychic Inquiry. Guidance on life issues that are causing stress in your life. Gain insight and create positive change.

What questions do you have? Call me with your questions and let's take a look now and see what positive options are waiting for you to discover. 

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Intuitive Reading (telephone) 1 Hour  $72.00
Prices include all applicable taxes. 
Pre-payment required on all readings. Appointment ONLY.
Minimum reading 1/2 hour

Reading times include discussion. If you need extra time on your reading, you may purchase an extra 15 Minutes for $25.00. If you need further assistance,
Wendy offers Holistic Life Coaching and Holistic Therapies.

45 Minuite Telephone Intuitive Reading $56.00
15 Additional Minutes (telephone)  $20.00
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